As a business coach, Navien helped me with my online visibility by creating a functional website. Navien is a salesman who works from both his head and his heart, allowing him to truly understand where I wanted to go with my ideas. Navien quickly identifies opportunities and possibilities, and translates them into effective and actionable concepts. He is reliable and knowledgeable, a true marketing expert through and through.

Janna Bakker

Small business owner, Janna Bakker - Coach

Navien is friendly and highly attentive. He is always ready to ensure a successful outcome. His advice and input are valuable, and he genuinely listens to the client’s needs. Navien consistently follows through on commitments and promptly addresses any questions or concerns. The level of service even after the initial engagement is commendable. All in all, it is a pleasure to work with him..

Hans Huiberts

Director, Huiberts Tax Advisory and Accounting Firm

Navien does a lot for me and my business. He has an incredible intuition, supporting me throughout my entire online journey and recognizing my true potential. Moreover, Navien himself is an inspiration, living in a unique and authentic way. He values authenticity and always prioritizes what feels right for all parties involved.

Thea Jurina

Small business owner, Life Coach

Navien is a marketing and sales expert par excellence! He excels in selling not through aggressive tactics but by combining heart and mind, approaching it with passion and genuine care for his clients. He is a man of ideas, skillfully translating them into practical solutions.

Jan Blok

Small business owner, Paradigmo

Navien is an inspiring and collaborative business coach who helps you unleash your potential power and propel your business to new heights!

Kikkienanje van den Brink

Small business owner, Trainer / Coach

Together with Navien, we have created a completely new brand for my company. The approach and involvement in the development and future vision of my business have fostered a pleasant collaboration.

Farell Biekman

Small Business Owner, Level Personal Training

When I was still unaware of the need for marketing assistance in setting up my business, I met Navien. It didn’t take long for me to realize that he is a true professional who leads by example when it comes to authenticity. By closely observing and engaging in several intensive conversations, Navien developed a concept that perfectly aligns with me and my business. I greatly appreciate this personalized approach and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Marielle Kitsz

Small business owner, Eye for Cash - Credit Manager

Navien is highly knowledgeable in the field of marketing and design. His sharp intellect, compassionate nature, and exceptional creativity quickly convinced me to continue working with him consistently. I highly recommend him.

Willem van Esch

Business coach & Trusted Advisor, Willem van Esch - Trusted Advisors

With his targeted approach to asking questions, Navien has clarified what my passion is.

Ankie Horjus

Small business owner, Coach

Navien Bansi is a dedicated, trustworthy individual who is always ready to provide insights, anticipate needs, and maintain an overview of all your marketing challenges. He is a man with a vision and a wealth of expertise. Personally, I have greatly benefited from his advice and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need.

Sander Veenstra

Small business owner, Grienskip

The corporate videos that Navien has created for WorkMassage are of high quality, both technically and creatively. I am extremely pleased with the end result. Navien and his partners work with great enthusiasm and make every effort to deliver the final product to complete satisfaction. I would recommend them to anyone!

Melanie Raaijmakers

Small business owner, Workmassage

With Navien by my side as a business coach, I have taken my company to the next level. I highly recommend Navien to anyone because he delivers on his promises and even goes above and beyond.

Chico Cicek

Small business owner, Body Boost Massage

Navien is an expert in the graphic aspect of website creation. He effortlessly translates other marketing tools into visually appealing concepts.

Ineke van Berkum

Small business owner, Money & Growth - Empowering Financial Entrepreneurship

Navien helped me unleash my full potential. He made me aware of my talents and skills. Through our brainstorming sessions, we came up with great ideas that propelled my business forward. Navien guides you in developing the right mindset, which is why I highly recommend working with him.

Johan Bosgra

Small business owner, Promotions

I was very pleased with Navien’s assistance. Clear communication, prompt responses, excellent recommendations, and willingness to brainstorm solutions.

Vandana Hirasingh

Management Consultant

As a business coach, Navien helped me make a strong start with my business. He is highly engaged and effortlessly comes up with out-of-the-box strategies that perfectly fit your company. Navien is an expert in marketing and sales and a valuable asset to my team.

Ali El Habziz

Small business owner, Public Finance Support

As dance teachers and particularly dance school owners, we found it challenging to effectively promote our dance school. Fortunately, we came across Navien. With his marketing know-how, he provided us with perfect assistance in this regard. He also helped us with suitable marketing materials, from our business cards to our website. What we appreciate about Navien is his attentive listening to our needs and challenges. He always shares his ideas and opinions, and involves us in the process. This ensured that Navien came up with a plan that perfectly aligned with our ideas and desires. Having a good feeling is always important to us. Navien is honest, reliable, and always leaves you with a positive impression.

André en Regina

Small business owners, Salsa Bailinho Dance School

I have recently attended a sales training with Navien. Looking back, it was a highly educational experience. During this course, a whole new world of acquisition opened up for me. I have come to know Navien as a pleasant person to work with.

Ray Renato Kasdiran

Small business owner, PUREZ Finance & Services

I can describe Navien Bansi as an inspirer and a motivator. I experienced this person in times when the art of coaching worked at best to support me in my daily work. His level of understanding and level of intelligence gave me the proper insights to continue to do what I do. In difficult times, both personal as career wise, he knows how to learn you to rebuild your mindset. He will make sure you can be the creator of your own life in a much more energetic and passionate way. Navien only showed me the door and told me which tools there are. I used them and opened it myself. A interesting fact, Navien uses powerful sentences and phrases from inspiring persons from ancient times which can turn you 360 degrees to the right direction just to move on in a more positive way.
Rishand Balkaran

Sales representative

During the sales training, Navien always managed to motivate and inspire me. As a result, I have experienced personal growth in my role and continue to do so. I have learned a lot from him, and he has opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Özgür Demir


I’ve had the most to the one on one coaching sessions. Navien has ensured that I became aware of my development so I underwent a paradigm switch. Until today Navien is a fixed value for my personal development and that of Value2u. Navien is loyal, honest, creative, and believe as I do in development.

Bruce Kalloe

Small business owner, Value2u

In collaboration with Navien, we created a video about me for my website. First, we discussed “what do I want to portray in the video.” It had to be a true reflection of who I am. Ultimately, we decided on “who am I?” With Navien’s guidance, we achieved a beautiful result that captures my passion. I want to express my gratitude to Navien for his contribution to this project.

Jan Hofstra

Small business owner, Holistic Health Practice "De Dolfijn"

When I decided to start working as a freelance photographer, I enlisted Navien’s help to design a website, brand identity, and logo for me. Navien flawlessly translated the ideas I had in my mind into a timeless, calm, and sleek website that I desired. I find it very pleasant that Navien maintains a communication style with me that balances between friendly and professional. He is involved, thinks along, and is prompt in communication and implementing the adjustments I requested. Navien is serious and reliable; my silent strength behind the scenes!

Kornelia Bakker

Small business owner, Kornelia Bakker Photography

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